What Are Some Common Species of Cabbage Flowers?


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Varieties of ornamental flowering cabbage include Osaka Red, which has unruffled rose-colored leaves, and Red Bor, a tall version that features ruffled dark purple leaves. Peacock White is a flowering cabbage with green and white feather-like leaves in a rosette up to 24 inches wide.

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Flowering cabbage is not grown for its inconspicuous flower, but for its use as an ornamental plant. The term "flowering" refers to its fancy leaves that bear a resemblance to a rosette of flower petals. Flowering cabbage and kale are hybridized ornamental versions of their edible counterparts, smaller varieties with brightly colored leaves. In cooler weather, their rosy-pink, purple and white colors intensify, making them excellent as fall and early-winter plantings. In warmer climates, ornamental cabbage and kale retain their leaf color until spring.

Nagoya Red is a variety with bright pinkish-purple centers on dark purple plants of ruffled foliage. Nagoya White features a tight ball of heavily ruffled green and white foliage. Osaka White looks like a large flower with its flat open foliage of green centered with a creamy white rosette.

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