What Are Some Common Southwestern Paint Colors?


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Green, red, blue, yellow and orange in addition to shades of medium to very light brown and beige are common Southwestern paint colors. Southwestern color schemes correspond to hues that occur naturally in a Southwestern landscape or in Southwestern Tex-Mex culture.

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What Are Some Common Southwestern Paint Colors?
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Paint companies frequently name Southwestern paint colors after objects associated with the Southwest and Southwestern culture. Green symbolizes the succulents and hearty grasses that are typical of Southwestern landscapes. Green also can indicate a recurring ingredient in Southwestern cuisine, such as Valspar's La Fonda jalapeno-green.

Red and orange may evoke tomatoes and peppers or the signature reddish-orange earth of Sedona or the Grand Canyon. Red and orange are also the colors of several desert flowers that thrive in parts of the Southwest, such as Texas red yucca and pineleaf Penstemon.

Shades of blue, such as teal and cerulean, bring the crisp, desert sky to an interior or an exterior. When paired with an orange-red, such as Valspar's La Fonda spice, the combination calls the horizon to mind or the meeting between the land and the heavens.

Brown and beige not only represent the earth, stone and wood in any Southwestern color scheme. These shades, especially light brown shades, can tie together a diverse group of other bright colors and provide neutral contrast.

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