What Are Some Common Small-Vegetable Garden Layouts?


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Common small-vegetable garden layouts include raised bed layouts, square foot layouts and potted layouts. With urban gardens and smaller yards becoming popular as of 2015, traditional vegetable garden layouts are out of fashion.

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A small raised bed layout is the ideal choice for a gardener with limited space who is just learning how to garden. This layout includes a trellis attachment, allowing vegetables to grow vertically and save space.

The square foot vegetable garden layout is a good plan for gardeners with a small amount of space or for those who wish to garden on a sunny porch or patio. To prepare this layout, the gardener builds a 4- by 4-foot wooden frame as the garden border and then adds potting or garden soil. The soil should fill 1 to 2 inches below the top of the border.

Potted vegetable garden layouts allow for simplicity and convenience. Gardeners can use recycled containers or purchase plastic pots and ceramic planters. The gardener arranges the containers in a sunny location of the yard or on a deck, porch, patio or balcony. Hanging containers are useful if the location allows for them. However, these gardens are prone to drying out in hot weather.

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