What Are Some Common Siemens Fault Codes?

A 0:00 code flashing in the display of several Siemens appliances means the power has been recently cut off, so the user need to reset the current time and date in the clock function. Siemens refrigerators display the E1 and E2 error codes to indicate one of the sensors has failed, so customers need to replace it. Some refrigerator models display E01 or E02 in the same situation.

Several models of Siemens ovens display the S or 5 code to indicate the customer cannot use any of its functions because the child lock is on. 444 is the error code indicating that the oven is on "demo mode", which means the elements can't heat up properly but the internal lights can still switch on. A 333 code appears in the display when the "demo mode" is deactivated and the heating functions are working normally.

When customers try to turn on hobs that have an active child lock on, the appliance shows a key symbol on its electronic display panel. C is the code telling users that they need to replace the carbon filter in the oven hood. Siemens dishwashers display the error code E24 when the waste water drain is blocked or the valve is not in its right position.