What Are Some Common Shrubs for Landscaping?

What Are Some Common Shrubs for Landscaping?

Some of the most common landscaping shrubs include forsythias, Rose of Sharon, rhododendrons, barberry and holly. Landscaping shrubs range in size from the smaller varieties up to the larger tree-like forms.

Forsythia produce yellow flowers during spring. They are a good choice for screening and softening corners around the landscape.

Rose of Sharon is available in a number of colors, including white, pink and purple. When grouped together along property lines, it provides good screening. It also creates a lovely backdrop for smaller garden plants and shrubs.

Rhododendrons come in a number of colors, and their blooming cycle is typically short-lived. Its evergreen varieties provide year-round interest. The shrubs are ideal choices for foundation plantings, shade and woodland gardens, borders and specimen plants.

Barberry shrubs are ideal in mixed borders with perennials, grasses and shrubs. Holly shrubs is often a screening hedge or a foundation planting.