What Are Some Common Services of a Local Tree Removal Service?

What Are Some Common Services of a Local Tree Removal Service?

Although specific services vary from business to business, basic tree removal includes the chopping or sawing of the tree, sometimes in sections, until the visible portion of the tree can be removed from the property. Some tree removal specialists haul away the offending tree or provide stump grinding at no extra charge. It is important to get an estimate that outlines the specifics of the service before contracting with a tree removal company or individual.

Arborists advise those in need of tree removal to contract only with those licensed and bonded in tree care services. A detailed estimate outlining the needs of the customer and the responsibilities of the service provider is important as it spells out any additional costs associated with add-on services provided by the tree removal specialist.

These additional services include stump removal, limb chipping and log splitting. The costs of these services differ depending on the provider.

Other key topics to address when soliciting the services of a tree removal specialist include the type of equipment used and the length of time needed to complete the project. It is also prudent to ask for a list of references or, at least, search for online reviews of the company.

Websites such as Angieslist.com and Thumbtack.com offer a list of tree removal specialists based on a specific location.