What Are Some Common Services by John Deere Dealers?

What Are Some Common Services by John Deere Dealers?

Common services John Deere dealers provide include equipment maintenance and spare parts supply. The John Deere FarmSight Services program lets dealers assist farmers in several ways. The dealers also arrange the delivery, pick-up and shipping of online orders.

John Deere dealers specialize in industrial or residential equipment. They are sources of expert knowledge about John Deere equipment and engines. The dealers stock spare parts for use in their repair and maintenance services. John Deere’s FLASH parts shipping system allows dealers to locate any out-of-stock spare parts. These parts are then shipped from the company’s central warehouses, so customers can have the parts they need quickly.

John Deere dealers provide farmers with a range of services as part of John Deere FarmSight Services. These services include maintenance inspection, controller calibration and automated crop reporting. Before providing these services, the dealers take into account the types of crops the farm grows and the condition of the land.

The dealers work with customers to determine the type of equipment they need. John Deere offers customers financing and leasing options. The dealers assist customers in choosing a plan and finalizing their purchases.

Customers can find their local John Deere dealers using the dealer locator tool on the company’s website.