What Are Some Common Services Included With Bug Detection?


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Some common services that are included with bug detection services are vulnerability audits, regular sweeps for bugs, telephone instrument debugging and off-site monitoring. Generally, bug detection professionals engage in technical surveillance countermeasures, which include a wide range of activities that are designed to find and remove surveillance devices.

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A bug is a listening device that is designed to record and relay whatever it hears to an external location. Bugs are generally small and discrete so that they can be hidden in inconspicuous locations. During the vulnerability audit component of a bug detection service, security professionals assess the location where customers believe that bugs are present and gather information on where the bugs may be hidden.

The security professional may then perform regular sweeps for bugs using specialized TSCM tools such as telephone line analyzers, generic receivers and electronic testers. Generic receivers are designed to detect and evaluate all the frequencies in a given area. Most bugs transmit their information using a radio frequency. The generic receivers allow the security professional to evaluate all the radio frequencies being transmitted from a given location in order to find suspicious ones.

The off-site monitoring component of bug detection services usually involves the security company monitoring the radio frequencies that are being transmitted from a given location, such as a room or office, for an extended period of time.

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