What Are Some Common Rodents in the United States?


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Some common rodents in the United States include the common house mouse, deer mouse, brown rat and the house rat. Each of these rodents can invade a home and requires immediate removal before they cause damage or spread disease.

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The house mouse enjoys making its way inside a home to eat food, including chewing on electrical wires. These mice are known to carry diseases. While inside the home, these mice use their sharp teeth to chew through plastic food casings and eat the food inside.

The deer mouse is a distant relative of the house mouse. It shares many of the same destructive habits as its cousin when it comes to invading a home. This mouse is found primarily in the southwest part of the United States and specifically New Mexico. It is a carrier of the Hantavirus.

The brown rat is known as a Norway rat, and it is the largest of the known rats. As one of the most common rats, it makes its home on every continent except Antarctica. This rat is an excellent swimmer and can even hold its breath underwater.

The house rat is known as the black rat, roof rat and ship rat. These rats aren't swimmers; however, they make up for this with their climbing skills. This rat prefers warmer areas.

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