What Are Some Common Repairs for Water Dispensers?


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Common repairs for water dispensers include replacing the door switch and fixing the dispenser control board. Changing the dispenser switch is another common repair for dispensers.

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A defective door switch may cause a refrigerator water dispenser to malfunction. If a door switch fails, the dispenser does not turn on when the freezer door is turned on. An Ohm Meter helps check for the switch’s continuity. If it does not have continuity, it needs to be changed.

A defective component in the dispenser control board may cause an item in the dispenser system or the entire dispensing system to fail. Repairing the component or the entire control board may restore a dispenser that is not working.

Sometimes a dispenser fails to work due to a defective dispenser switch. One can identify a problem in any of the switches using an Ohm Meter. Replacing the defective switch helps restore the dispenser.

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