What Are Some Common Repairs Needed for Weedeaters?


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A few common repairs needed for a weed-eater trimmer can be for a damaged spark plug, dirty air filter, worn crankshaft seals, carburetor adjustments and low compression. When a weed eater is not working properly, there are telling signs to look for, such as it does not idle properly, the weed eater does not have enough power or it is not starting.

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To troubleshoot a weed eater that does not start, its a good idea to see first if the "ON/OFF" switch is in the "OFF" position. A simple fix is to switch it to the "ON" position. Another possible cause for a weed eater not starting can be an empty fuel tank, which simply requires refilling the tank.

However, a weed eater may have problems starting for other reasons, such as a dirty fuel filter, damaged spark plug or a flooded engine. The repair needed for a dirty filter or damaged spark plug may be the replacement of the spark plug or air filter with a new one. In gas-powered weed eater, the engine also may become flooded. Taking some fuel out with a siphon may resolve this problem.

Another issue associated with weed eaters that run on gas are idling problems, which are due to low compression, damaged crankshaft or carburetor needing adjusting. When an engine lacks power, it also may be a sign of a crankshaft seal or carburetor issue. These are problems that require the services of a repair professional.

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