What are some common repairs for a home's air conditioner?


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Some common repairs for a home air conditioner include leaking of refrigerant fluid, sensor issues and dirty units caused by poor maintenance. Many air conditioners also experience issues with the refrigerant lines.

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If there is a leak coming out of the air conditioning unit, it is probably due to the unit being low on refrigerant. While it seems like a simple fix, it is not always as simple as adding refrigerant. Some leaks are also associated with other types of cracks or damage, which need to be assessed by a professional. Try not to use the unit until it has been inspected.

Air conditioning units that don’t get routine cleaning and maintenance can have a variety of problems, such as not providing any cool air, having inconsistent cold air or causing a spiked energy bill. These issues are typically caused by the coils becoming dirty, the filter not being replaced or the compressor and fans not being maintained. Another potential cause for the air conditioner not getting cold enough is if there is a problem with the refrigerant lines. If they are not insulated properly, it can lead to this problem.

There may also be problems with sensors or electrical controls not working properly in the air conditioning unit. This is something only a professional can determine and repair.

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