What Are Some of the Most Common Repair Jobs for Sterling Faucets?


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Common repair jobs for Sterling faucets are similar to repairs for most other faucet brands and include replacing damaged knobs or trim and stopping leaks. Both of these tasks are easy enough for most homeowners to complete, and they do not typically require a plumber.

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Most knobs and trim on Sterling faucets become damaged when exposed to soap scum and harsh chemicals without proper cleaning. In some cases, a thorough cleaning can repair much of the damage, but serious cases require replacing parts.

To replace the trim on a Sterling faucet, find the appropriate replacement trim package for your Sterling faucet. Kohler produces replacement trim kits for most of its widely produced Sterling faucets. Follow the manufacturer's instructions that come with your particular faucet's replacement trim kit.

To fix a leaky Sterling faucet, first remove the faucet's hot and cold knobs. Some knobs can be pulled directly off, while others require removing a small screw that is usually located under a plastic or metal cap. With the knob removed, remove the whole cartridge using an adjustable wrench, and then remove and replace all o-rings and gaskets. Kohler manufactures replacement gasket kits for Sterling faucets, but less-expensive loose o-rings are also available at home center and hardware stores. Reassemble the faucet to complete the repair.

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