What Are Some Common Refrigerator Compressor Problems?

Common refrigerator compressor problems include making noise, failing to run and going on and off. Most refrigerator compressor problems originate from another part of the refrigerator, such as a dirty condenser or a failing capacitor.

A compressor that makes a clicking sound is likely going on and off. This could mean it is overheating because of dirty condenser coils.

A compressor could fail to run, meaning it is not getting proper power. This could be because the capacitor has failed or another part of the power system has a problem. Using a multimeter helps in determining where the power problem is. Cleaning the system helps in solving the problem.

A faulty compressor can make noise, necessitating a replacement. A technician should check whether the noise is a result of a pressure buildup or a problem with the gas before deciding to replace the compressor.