What Are the Common Reasons a Whirlpool Dryer Won't Heat?

Some of the most common reasons a Whirlpool dryer will not heat include incorrect settings on the dryer, bad heating elements, improper power cord installation and a blown fuse or circuit breaker. Most problems can be resolved by troubleshooting or having a service technician examine and repair the dryer.

Whirlpool suggests checking to make sure the Air Only cycle or Air Only temperature settings have not been selected on the control knob or button settings of the dryer. If the dryer still turns, but there is no heat, a fuse inside the dryer may need to be replaced or the heating element may be bad. Bad heating elements must be visually inspected for a break in the coil.

If the dryer will not turn on, check the household circuit breaker to be sure a circuit has not been tripped. Also examine the power cord to be sure it is affixed properly and connected to the right wattage power supply. Dryers may turn on when connected to 110-volt power supplies, but they require 220 volts to heat.

Additional problems may include bad temperature switches, thermostats or timers. If the problem cannot be identified by troubleshooting, an authorized service technician can be located through the Service & Support portal on the Whirlpool website.