What Are Some Common Reasons a Gas Oven Thermostat Stops Working?

Common reasons why a gas oven thermostat stops working include overheating, temperature overload cut outs, the oven not getting hot enough, weak fuses and incoming power problems. Other reasons include a defective electronic control board, faulty safety valve and a worn out infinite switch.

The bake element is the heating surface found at the bottom of the oven. When it gets burned out, the oven overheats resulting in failure of the thermostat. Temperature overload cut out arises when the temperature sensor fails to regulate the temperature inside the oven. The oven fails to get hot when the electric voltage is low or when there is no power. The thermostat fuse protects the oven in case of fires, and when it blows out, the thermostat stops working. Lack of power in the electric cables leads to failure of the oven to start and the thermostat stops working.

The electronic control board controls the oven functions, and when it becomes defective, the thermostat stops working. If the safety valve is faulty, the igniter releases gas, and if the gas fails to reach the right temperature, which results in failure of the thermostat. The infinite switch on an oven controls power to each element, and if it is worn out, the thermostat lacks the power to work.