What Are Some Common Property Code Violations?


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Common property code violations include missing or misplaced smoke detectors, handrails without returns and improper or inadequate ventilation within bathrooms. Other violations may include improper fastening for decks and landings, failing to install an egress window for basement bedrooms and electrical work that is substandard or unsafe.

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A missing or defective ground-fault circuit interrupter is a common violation that may lead to an increased risk of electrical fire. Bathrooms that lack windows or that utilize exhaust fans that vent into the attic rather than the outside are be unable to vent moist air properly. This air may lead to rotting of the roof framing or sheathing as well as mold and mildew infestations. Flashing needs to be properly installed and firmly attached between deck ledger boards and the house to prevent decks from collapsing.

Codes typically require smoke alarms in each bedroom and on each level of the home. As of 2015, many municipalities require new homes to have smoke alarms that are hard-wired, interconnected and utilize a battery backup. Home improvement projects that are not code-compliant may lead to unsafe conditions as well as costly fines. Check all relevant building codes and obtain the proper permits before beginning any home improvement project, renovation or upgrade. Code compliance is essential for preventing accidents and ensuring a safe home environment.

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