What Are Some Common Products to Cover Wood Paneling?


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Some common products used to cover wood paneling are paint, wall liners and paintable wall coverings. Other products include new wood, tiles and sheet metal. Ensure the wood panel is firm without any deterioration before covering it up.

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Painting wooden panels is the most common way to cover them. Sand away the glossy finish of the panels, apply primer and fill grooves with drywall compound before painting it. Wall liners stuck on the wooden panels provide a smooth surface for paint or wall cover. Pre-pasted wall coverings come in various patterns and textures to suit any decor. Wet them, and stick them on the wall liner or the wooden panels directly.

If the wooden panels are in good condition, use any type of new wood in a different pattern to cover it. Install the new wood on the existing panels using wood glue and finish nails. To cover wood panels with tiles, mount concrete backer board on the existing panels. Use long screws to penetrate the board and panels and to sink into existing studs by 1 inch. Install the tiles on the concrete board.

Another way to cover wood paneling while maintaining a rustic look is to use sheet metal. Screw new or recovered sheet metal onto the wood panels to cover the entire wall. For additional support, use a stud finder, and mount the metal with longer screws. Roofing nails can also be used, depending on the type of metal sheet.

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