What Are Common Problems With the Tassimo Home Brewing System?


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The most common problems concerning the Tassimo home brewing system are related to water leakage. Leakage can occur in a number of spots, from the brewer mechanism, to the front of the brewer under the dip tray to the rear of the brewer near the water reservoir, according to Tassimo.

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Before troubleshooting any leaks, Tassimo suggests that the unit should be unplugged to prevent electric shock. For leakage occurring from the brewer mechanism whenever a user makes a new cup, the problem may be the result of the black rubber seal around the piercing unit being damaged or missing. The issue may also be with the piercing unit containing blockage, or with the T DISC with the drink mixture within it being inserted into the machine incorrectly. Removing any blockage or placing a T DISC into the unit correctly should prevent the leakage from continuing.

If the leakage is from the front, beneath the dip tray of the unit, then the issue may be the result of scale buildup around the water expansion nozzle. Removing the dip tray and splashback piece to expose the expansion nozzle and cleaning the nozzle with a cloth dampened with vinegar or lemon juice should get the water flowing freely again.

Leaks from the water reservoir near the back of the unit could be the result of a badly fitted reservoir. Removing the reservoir and then resetting it into place can generally end the leakage.

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