What Are Some Common Problems With Samsung Refrigerators?

What Are Some Common Problems With Samsung Refrigerators?

Some common problems with Samsung refrigerators include a lack of power to the unit, faulty sensors, improper temperature, a malfunctioning water dispenser and water leaks. A self-diagnostic mode can be activated that may display an error code to aid in troubleshooting.

If there is no power to the unit, it is possible that the circuit breaker or fuse box has tripped or there is a problem with the power outlet. The power cable may also be damaged or faulty.

If the refrigerator will not get cold enough, possible problems are dirty condenser coils or a failed evaporator fan motor. The thermistor, compressor or main control board may also be faulty.

Water may leak from the refrigerator if the defrost drain is clogged or frozen or the water tank assembly is leaking. This can also be caused by a cracked water filter head or water inlet valve. It is also possible that the water filter is not properly installed.

The self-diagnostic mode can be activated by holding in the power freeze and power cool buttons simultaneously for eight seconds. A numerical error code may then be displayed that can help in diagnosing the specific problem. The error codes are listed on a self-diagnostics check list available from Samsung.