What are some common problems with overhead garage doors?


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Common problems with overhead garage doors include the door not closing all the way, the door stopping before it opens completely and a door that starts to close, but stops and reverses back to its open position. Garage door operators sometimes exhibit problems such as not starting or running without the garage door moving. Some operators stop functioning at the wall control panel, or they function from the wall control, but not with the remote control.

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Overhead garage doors can get stuck while going up or down, and there are various reasons for these common problems. When a garage door doesn't close all the way, it may be due to a short in the wiring, binding or contact reverse issues. If the door has trouble opening all the way, users can check to see if the door operator springs are balanced and well lubricated. If it is a hardware issue, users must contact a garage door service repair professional to avoid a do-it-yourself repair injury.

When a garage door begins closing and then goes back up automatically, users can check if the safety beam light is flashing and, if so, check the beam unit lenses for problems. Sometimes a door operator fails to work due to a lack of power, and users should make sure connections, power outlets and circuit breakers are working properly.

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