What Are Some of the Most Common Problems With Ondura Roofing?


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Ondura roofing presents several problems to its users, two of which are common. According to diy.stackexchange.com, most users complained of how fast it wears out and how difficult it is to overlay another roof.

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Though easy to work with, there is no ridge cap. Roll roofing is more suitable when working with Ondura but only allows the roof to easily come off in the wind. Despite being affordable and offering quick fixes compared to metal roofing, Ondura does not last more than ten years.

Most customer reviews on BobVilla.com complained of the ridge lines and panels deteriorating over a short time. Moreover, it is pretty risky to walk on the roof in extremely hot days since it easily crushes under pressure. Ondura is not the best choice for use under trees, as it easily holds dirt, debris and water. Consequently, it creates a pretty exhausting task of clean the roof twice to thrice a year.

Ondura roofing has, however, worked for some homeowners, giving homes a classy, high-end look despite its cheap price. When installing the roof, be sure to use Ondura screws instead of nails. Though a bit pricey, they make all the difference when using this kind of roof.

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