What Are Some Common Problems With the Keurig Coffee Maker?

Common Keurig coffee maker problems include the machine not brewing a full cup of coffee and water not dripping from the machine at all or at an abnormal rate. Consumers have also complained of the machine turning off or on without being prompted and coffee grounds in the brewed coffee.

Resolution of problems with Keurig coffee machines is often possible through cleaning and descaling the machine. If a machine doesn't brew a full cup or fails to dispense any water at all, the machine most likely needs cleaning. The same is true for a machine that is depositing coffee grounds into the brewed coffee.

If a Keurig machine is turning off or on by itself, it may be that the machine's auto on/off feature has been activated. If the machine does not turn on at all, it is possible the machine is improperly plugged in. If a machine is relaying the "ADD WATER" message, the consumer should fill the machine's water reservoir to its maximum capacity.

For problems with a Keurig machine that do not resolve through cleaning, adjusting the automatic features, and double-checking the plug to the machine, consumers can call customer service about the issue. A customer service representative may be able to help solve any of the common Keurig coffee machine problems over the phone.