What Are Some Common Problems With Insinkerators?


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Common problems consumers often run into with InSinkErator food waste disposal systems include clogged garbage disposals, slow draining water and leaks, as well as unusual odors and noises.

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InSinkErator food waste disposal systems work to quietly and effectively eliminate food waste without the need for a traditional trash can. To do so, the InSinkErator, installed under the kitchen sink, breaks down food waste into very fine particles, which are then flushed away into your home's waste-water pipe.

While InSinkErator products are known for their high-quality, they occasionally need repair and/or troubleshooting when problems arise. Most problems, such as a garbage disposal that won't drain or drains slowly, are often relatively easy to fix and involve maintenance that can be performed by the owner in a matter of minute. Other problems, such as unusual noises that cannot be explained by an object blocking the garbage disposal, may require the aid of a professional. In this case, it is best to contact an authorized service center, as they will be qualified to diagnose the problem.

Specification sheets, installation manuals, as well as guides and diagrams are available on the company's website, and should aid in fixing and repairing an InSinkErator food waste disposal system that isn't working properly.

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