What Are Some Common Problems That Ice Makers Have?


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Common problems with ice makers include high water temperatures, water leaks into the machine, low production due to room temperatures and low water flow to the ice machine. Many of these problems can be fixed by a professional repair person and may not cause serious damage if detected early.

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An ice machine with low water flow to the ice machine can cause malformed cubes or cause production to halt if the evaporator freezes. The cause may be a result of a plug in the water filter or a problem with the water supply to the ice machine. When water leaks into the ice machine, ice cubes are often oversized and can get stuck in the dispenser. A leaky inlet water valve may be causing this problem with the ice maker.

If the ice maker is taking a long time to produce batches of ice, the room temperature in the home may be too warm. At approximately 95 degrees, the ice machine is likely to stop producing ice. Ice makers running on hot water in excess of 90 degrees may trip the freeze-cycle timer and shut down the machine. High water temperatures cause the device to take too long to freeze ice. A faulty piece of equipment or pipe that pumps hot water into the cold water line may be causing the problem.

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