What Are Some Common Problems of an Ice Maker?


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Some common problems in ice makers include improperly dispensing ice, a lack of ice being made, strange noises or white marks on the ice. Additionally, ice makers sometimes produce ice that has a bad odor and bad taste.

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What Are Some Common Problems of an Ice Maker?
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Ice might not be dispensing properly from an ice maker due to a frozen water inlet tube, a plugged filter or low water pressure. All three problems inhibit water from getting to the ice maker properly. Ice makers can also be turned off by accident when the wire along the ice maker is raised. If the freezer temperature is too high, the ice maker cannot properly make ice.

Another common reason for a lack of ice comes from a malfunction with the heater that warms the ice so that it releases from maker into the ice bin. If this heater fails to turn off, the ice maker cannot properly freeze the water.

When ice from an ice maker smells or tastes strange or is covered in white specks, the water filter probably needs to be changed. There is also the possibility the ice is old and needs to be thrown out. The ice can take on smells from food stored in the freezer.

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