What Are Some Common Problems With Hunter Ceiling Fans?


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Some of the common problems with Hunter ceiling fans is the fan is not working, the fan making a humming noise or the fan wobbling. The specific problems with Hunter ceiling fans depend on the particular model.

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A faulty circuit breaker or fuse box can cause a fan to stop working. Homeowners should begin by checking that the two are working properly and should also inspect the electrical switch to ensure that power is going to the fan. They should unscrew the switch and check for proper power flow using a voltage tester. A faulty switch needs to be replaced.

A ceiling fan that is humming is usually caused by loose screws. The problem can easily be fixed by tightening the loose screw lightly. Homeowners should check the fan housing screw, blade iron to fan screw and blade to blade iron screw and tighten as needed. A buzzing sound can be caused by a failed capacitor, which is rarely the case, because Hunter use high quality capacitors in their products.

A fan that is wobbling is caused by improper fan installation. Homeowners can begin fixing the problem by alternating the blades. If this does not work, they should use a balancing kit, as directed in the user instructions. This usually involves putting a small weight on one of the blades.

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