What Are Common Problems With GE Air Conditioners?


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Common problems with GE air conditioners include freezing of the coil, compressor defects, failure to turn off and failure of the fan to rotate. Other issues are emission of loud noises and water leakage inside the air conditioner.

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A GE air conditioner develops problems when the coil freezes. A dirty air filter that restricts airflow in the air conditioner is the cause of this. The humidity in the room condenses on the coil, which causes the entire coil assembly to frost. Failure of the air conditioner to run is caused by a defective thermostat. The thermostats control the temperature inside the air conditioner and provide power to the compressor and fan. When the compressor fails to turn off, the condenser coil may be dirty.

Problems in the drive motor may cause an air conditioner to become defective. This restricts the fan blades from moving properly. It is also caused by a burnt fan motor that prevents the blades from rotating freely. When the air conditioner is unusually noisy, the compressor could be worn out. A lack of lubrication in the drive motor bearings may also cause noise. If the GE air conditioner is leaning too far forward, water leakage problems may develop.

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