What Are Some Common Problems With Gas Burners?

Common problems with gas burners include weak burner flame, extinguished burner pilot light, noisy burner flame and gas odor. The most common problem with a gas burner is clogged openings. Although these common problems can prevent users from cooking with gas, there are simple ways to troubleshoot each issue.

Weak burner flame is a common problem caused by clogged openings and a lack of gas or air reaching the burner. Cleaning the burner openings is a simple fix and adjusting the air shutter may increase the flame. When the burner has a weak flame as a result of a lack of gas, professional assistance is required.

If the burner refuses to ignite entirely, the burner pilot light needs relighting. Additionally, the burner light cannot ignite if the pilot light or igniter is clogged. A noisy burner flame is caused by too much air or too much gas entering the burner. To reduce the noise emitted from a burner, adjust the air shutter. If this fix does not solve the problem, a professional is needed to diagnose a gas-related issue.

Another common problem with gas burners is a greasy surface. Cleaning the burners and the surface of the stove top can improve burner efficiency. Regularly cleaning the gas burners can help ensure effectiveness and allow the burner to use less gas to produce a flame.