What Are Some Common Problems With Garage Door Openers?


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Common problems with garage door openers include problems with the remote control, out-of-adjustment limit switches and problems with the close-force adjustment. Many of these problems are within the ability of the homeowner to fix.

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What Are Some Common Problems With Garage Door Openers?
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If the door operates with the wall switch but not the remote, the batteries in the remote may require replacement. Most remotes require specially sized batteries, but these are available at many stores. If the batteries are good, the antenna may be the problem. Look for an insulated wire that hangs down from the motor. If it is missing, the remote cannot communicate with the unit. Another potential problem is the remote has lost its programming for the opener. Follow the instructions for reprogramming the unit if this is the case.

Out-of-adjustment limit switches cause the door to stop before it closes, fail to open completely or reverse immediately after it hits the floor. Adjusting the switch should fix the problem.

Doors that open immediately after closing often have problems with the close-force switch. With proper adjustment, this switch reverses the door before it causes injury.

Units that do not respond to the remote or wall switch might not have power. Check the circuit breaker box for a thrown breaker. Check the unit to ensure lights come on when pushing the buttons.

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