What Are Some Common Problems With Front-Loading Washers?


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Common problems with front-loading washers include mold and loud wash cycles. However, proper care and maintenance can usually prevent these issues from occurring.

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Front-loading washers are much more efficient than top-loading machines. However, as the machines are designed to seal in moisture, water often gets trapped around the door seal, causing mold, mildew and bacteria to build up. Although this is a fairly common problem, many machine user manuals do not mention the issue and ignore important care and maintenance tips. Still, it is possible to prevent mold and mildew buildup easily.

To prevent mold buildup, ensure that the interior of the machine stays dry when it is not in use. Use a towel to soak up extra moisture around the door after using the machine and leave the door open to let the seal and machine interior dry up. Clean and dry out the detergent dispenser regularly and run a cleaning cycle once per month with bleach. In addition, clear out the lint trap and make sure that there are no particles and moisture stuck in that area of the machine.

Loud wash cycles can also be an issue with front-loading machines. To prevent this issue, ensure that the insulation and parts of the machine are intact. Also make sure the machine is level.

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