What are some common problems with Frigidaire ovens?


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The three most common problems with Frigidaire ovens involve the temperature sensor and the broiling and baking elements. If there are problems with the oven temperature, check the bake element, a pencil-sized black tube at the bottom of the oven.

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Look for holes or blisters on the bake element tube itself. When working normally, the tube should appear red hot. Use an ohmmeter to see if the element is heating normally.

The broil element is the black, thin tube located at the top of the oven. It should give off a red glow. Check it for breaks, tears or holes, any of which may indicate that it has burned out. The broil element can also be tested using an ohmmeter.

The temperature sensor is part of the oven’s control board and regulates even temperature. Failure of the sensor is a common problem and can be remedied by ordering a replacement part.

If the oven fails to work at all, check to see if it is plugged in correctly and that a circuit breaker has not been tripped.

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