What Are Some Common Problems of Frigidaire Ovens?


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The most common problems reported with Frigidaire ovens include the following: inconsistent heat, control panels melting and knobs being hot enough to cause burns. Other complaints describe oven handles breaking, problems with glass panels in the oven door and some fires.

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What Are Some Common Problems of Frigidaire Ovens?
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According to Consumer Reports, users have reported problems with ovens reaching and maintaining proper cooking temperatures. Consumer Affairs lists multiple reports of ovens becoming so hot that control panel knobs cause burns or even melt. As of February 2015, at least two reports have been made regarding Frigidaire ovens causing carbon monoxide poisoning and subsequent hospitalization or evacuation of the home. A consumer reported the glass panel in his oven door becoming opaque, while another reported the glass panel exploding during the self-cleaning cycle.

Consumers have also noted poor customer service from Frigidaire, with unhelpful representatives who do not offer compensation or replacement for defective parts. Some consumers state Frigidaire is unwilling to admit known problems or design flaws with its ovens. One consumer in particular noted a representative blamed him for rust on the oven, which could be caused by high heat. The representative told him to remove and clean the oven door himself but also stated he would most likely be unable to reattach the door on his own.

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