What Are the Most Common Problems of Electrolux Ice Makers?


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The most common problems of Electrolux ice makers include defects in the water inlet valve, freezer temperatures rising above 10 degrees Fahrenheit, faulty ice maker assembly and low water pressure. Other problems include defects in the door switch, clogging of the water filter, unnecessary noise and uncontrolled melting of ice.

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An Electrolux icemaker develops problems if its water inlet valve is defective. The electro-mechanical valve lets water through the icemaker assembly coils. Any defects in the inlet valve prevents water from circulating inside the system. The icemaker functions well when the temperature is between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit. If the freezer temperature exceeds 10 degrees Fahrenheit, the icemaker may develop problems. If there is too much frost in the evaporator coil, air may fail to circulate through the icemaker coil, causing problems for the icemaker.

If components in the icemaker assembly system are defective or shut, the icemaker may develop problems. Problems are also caused by water pressure below 20 psi, which is the designed pressure for the icemaker. If the door switch is defective, the icemaker may develop problems. Problems also arise when the water filter gets clogged, preventing the passage of water. If the icemaker produces loud noises and melts ice uncontrollably, it points to a problem in the icemaker assembly system.

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