What Are Some Common Problems of Electric Furnaces?


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Some common problems that arise during electric furnace use include a unit that fails to power on, noisy operation and furnaces that cycle on and off repeatedly. Other common issues are a blower that continually runs and a lack of appropriate heat generation for the settings selected.

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When a furnace does not activate at all when switched on, it may have trouble receiving adequate power. Users can verify that all plugs are tightly secured and no circuits have tripped during regular operation to troubleshoot this issue. Furnaces that cycle on and off repeatedly are more likely to have mechanical issues that prevent regular operation. Periodic maintenance, including the cleaning of the filter, lubrication of the motor or blower and removal of any clogs in the machine, can help eliminate this common problem.

Noisy operation often occurs due to loose or worn components. Users should inspect all components to ensure that belts are tight and panels on the unit remain secure. Faulty relays and incorrect settings can lead to blower malfunction. When troubleshooting why a unit does not heat properly, owners should check to make sure that registers are free and open and all other components appear to be functioning properly, including the heating element and blower.

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