What Are Some Common Problems With Dome Housing?


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Common problems with dome housing include planning challenges, difficulty in financing, a lack of privacy and structural difficulties. However, there are multiple advantages, such as high protection against hurricanes and energy efficiency.

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Although dome houses are economical to build in terms of cost per square foot, funding the custom work they require drives up costs. Additionally, finding financing for an existing home or for building plans is challenging. As these types of homes are unusual, obtaining an estimate for a resale is also difficult.

Individuals looking to build a dome house in an area where planning restrictions exist may struggle to conform to local guidelines on sewers and chimneys. Additionally, sourcing the right materials is difficult, as many come in a rectangular shape. Owing to the house's shape, privacy is challenging in terms of keeping noise away from different areas. Finally, unusual moisture distribution throughout the home has an adverse effect on wood and paneling.

Despite the difficulties these homes present, there are advantages. While they're expensive to build, they're also eco-friendly, which can offset long-term costs. Due to their shape, they can withstand strong hurricane winds and earthquakes. Due to their structurally independent nature, they're easy to modify in the future. For example, owners who want to remove walls are less likely to face structural challenges than when they're altering a standard home.

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