What Are Common Problems With Combination Washer and Dryers?


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Common problems with combination washer and dryers include failure to start, failure to spin or tumble and failure of the dryer to heat. Other problems include failure of the washer to drain, water leakage and dirty or wet clothes at the end of washing and drying cycles respectively.

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As of 2015, different brands and models of washer and dryer combinations experience different problems, some of which are unique to specific models. Washer and dryer combinations may fail to start if the power connection is faulty. Tripped circuit breakers, problematic thermostats and fuses, as well as faulty power outlets could cause problems when turning on the appliances.

Washer and dryer combinations may also fail to spin and tumble when the belt is broken. In such cases, the machine runs normally, but there is no movement in the drum, making it impossible to accomplish normal washing and drying cycles. Replacing the belt can help resolve this problem. This problem is also associated with faulty clutches and drum rollers, which can only be repaired by a professional.

The dryer may fail to heat when the dryer is filled with a larger load than recommended, or the settings do not correspond to the type of clothing in the dryer. A faulty heating element, or a failing thermostat may also result in heating problems. When the washer's hose is clogged with lint or dirt, the washer may fail to drain properly.

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