What Are Some Common Problems With Atlas Shingles?


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Common problems with Atlas shingles are cracking, blistering, significant granule loss, loss of shingles in the wind, and water leaking that damages the framing or home interior. Most customer reviews state that the shingles don’t stay on the roof nor do they keep water out.

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A class action lawsuit claims that Atlas shingles blister and crack, which causes moisture leakage as well as the loss of granules on the shingles. This then damages the structure underneath the roofing. One roofing contractor states that Atlas shingles blister then delaminate and recommends not purchasing Atlas roofing shingles. Another contractor complains that the shingles do not let water out where they join together, but rather the water runs sideways under the shingles, damaging the roof and ceiling below.

One customer specifically states that in 50-mph wind, the shingles loosen and come off the roof, even though the company claims they withstand up to 100-mph winds. Another review notes that after spending a few hundred dollars on glue to hold the shingles down, they still come off in the wind. Another consumer complains that a defect in manufacturing causes the shingles to crack, and now the roof needs replacing. One unsatisfied customer notes that after less than one year, the shingles were falling off of the roof.

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