What Are Some Common Problems With Apartment Size Dryers?


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A few common problems with apartment size dryers are low capacity, noise and poor filter access. Some other issues include moisture build-up, fragile plastic casings and a lack of replacement parts for sale.

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The capacity of most apartment size dryers is sometimes as low as 8 pounds. In most cases, only about two pairs of jeans, three or four shirts, a few pairs of socks and some other lightweight clothes can fit comfortably inside the dryer. This requires it to be reloaded frequently for a large family. Some dryers also produce a loud, squeaking noise if overloaded.

Apartment size dryers can get hot to the touch if filled to capacity. Another common problem is the filter access. The filter is usually located in hard-to-reach areas inside the dryer and can be difficult to clean or replace. When placed inside small rooms or enclosed spaces without doors, apartment size dryers increase humidity levels, which in turn leads to a damp smell and mold formation.

Some apartment size dryers are not manufactured with vents and therefore require lint trap kits. The plastic framework is also an area of concern, as it is not sturdy, especially around the vent. Most apartment size dryers operate at 110V, whereas regular dryers operate at 220V. This voltage variation results in a longer drying time.

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