What Are Some Common Problem With LG Washers?


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Common problems with front-loading LG washers include water overflowing, water not filling up to proper levels, changing water pressure and slow drainage of water. Mold is a serious problem for several front-loading LG washing machine models sold to consumers between August 2003 to December 2007.

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LG washers display common error codes when certain problems arise. For example, the FE water overflow code indicates a problem with the inlet water valves that causes water to keep flowing due to a defect that prevents the valves from shutting off. Alternatively, defective intake water valves sometimes cause water to rise sluggishly. The PE error code indicates the machine is experiencing water pressure problems that are often caused by faulty wiring between the control board and the water pressure sensor. LG washers that don't drain water within 10 minutes need to be checked for a clog in the drain hose, washer drain or filter.

Mold accumulation is a problem for LG models WM2077CW, WM2277HW, WM3677HW and WM1212CW. LG washer models WM1314CW and WM2032HW are also prone to developing mold. These models are targeted in a broader lawsuit that involves other washing machine brands. The design of these LG machines creates a friendly environment for mold growth, and items washed have a strong moldy odor that tends to linger.

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