What Are Some Common Plumbing Services?


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Common plumbing services include repairing leaky pipes, running toilets, clogged drains and problems with low water pressure. Another common plumbing service is repairing a dripping faucet. While some plumbing problems can be repaired without outside help, most require the services of a professional plumber.

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What Are Some Common Plumbing Services?
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Leaky pipes are a common household problem that often requires the services of a professional plumber. A leaky pipe can be repaired temporarily with a commercial joint filler and fitting compound, but a plumber will likely need to replace a length of pipe or the pipe's fittings to stop a leak for good.

A toilet that doesn't stop running after flushing and jiggling the handle is another instance in which professional plumbing services are required. A running toilet is most likely caused by a broken flapper valve, an imbalanced float or a loose fill tube. Any one of these issues indicates the need for a plumber to replace the inner workings of the toilet. In addition, a toilet that constantly runs could be caused by a sediment build-up, the removal of which requires the use of professional plumbing services.

Another common household issue, a dripping faucet, usually indicates a problem that has existed for a while and requires a professional plumber to repair. A dripping faucet could require the replacement of a rubber or silicone-based washer or a ceramic tap, depending on the type of sink.

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