What Are Some Common Plumbing Questions?

What Are Some Common Plumbing Questions?

A number of commonly-asked plumbing questions include how to locate a properly licensed plumber, what can contribute to a high water bill and how to know when a drain needs cleaning. The most frequently asked questions are often a mix of practical plumbing maintenance questions and those related to finding professional, licensed plumbers.

Some consumers are also concerned with understanding the difference between regulated and unregulated work, as well as understanding exactly how much should be paid for various types of work performed by a registered or licensed plumber.

Types of unregulated work can range from small tasks such as changing a washer head on a tap or replacing a shower head to more complicated procedures such as installing an irrigation or lawn sprinkling system.

Knowing when a drain requires the attention of a plumber is another common question. Professional plumbers normally advise attempting to clear a drain with unblocking products before calling on their services, as most common blockages are comprised of soap scum, hair and grease. Many stores sell drain-cleaning products that are cheaper than a visit from a plumber.

Additionally, knowing what to expect from a contract with a plumber when agreeing to work is a common query. In general, a written estimate should be provided by a plumber, which should contain the expected costs of the job in terms of hourly rate and materials.