What Are Some Common Pests on Citrus Trees?


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Common pests that can affect all citrus trees include scale, aphids, citrus mites and snails. These pests can cause significant damage in large numbers but specific pesticides or natural remedies can control or eradicate them.

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Pests such as scale mites and citrus mites are apparent when causing damage to the leaves of the tree, with an infestation presenting as stippled or shedding leaves, necrotic yellowing and an etched, silvery appearance. Damage appears widespread and unattractive, but a miticide spray or neem oil, a natural alternative, can remedy this fairly easily..

Snails are a common garden pest which can be particularly damaging to citrus trees, chewing holes in leaves and pitting the fruit. To avoid snail damage, proper maintenance is required, including clearing away fallen leaves, pruning low-hanging branches and adding a barrier around the trunk to prevent snail migration.

Aphids are another common garden pest which often affect citrus trees but do not generally cause large amounts of damage. High numbers of aphids can cause visible damage to leaves and fruit and leave an excretion called honeydew, which can attract other more serious pests. Spraying specialized pesticides on the underside of leaves and on obvious feeding areas can kill and deter aphids without damaging the tree.

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