What Are Some Common Patterns for Fabric Bowls?


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While there are several fabric bowl patterns available, coiled fabric bowls are some of the most common. Other methods of assembling fabric bowls include a no-sew method from Nancyメs Notions and nesting fabric bowls from Craftsy.

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To make coiled-fabric bowls, the crafter attaches fabric strips around a length of rope. He then coils the covered rope and sews it together. Once he reaches the diameter of the base of the bowl, he continues coiling the rope, but he attaches it to the top of the previous coil, creating the sloping sides of the bowl. With this technique, he can create bowls, baskets, vases and purses. The coiled-fabric technique is easily adaptable to small or large projects.

The no-sew project from Nancyメs Notions is available as a kit. To complete the project, the crafter places the wire mesh from the kit between two layers of felt. He glues the edges of the felt together and adds decorations. To form the bowl, he bends the completed project into the shape he desires. The wire mesh causes it to keep its shape.

Craftsyメs nesting bowl pattern teaches the crafter how to make fabric bowls in sizes that nest for storage. These bowls are cube-shaped. The 4-inch bowl is a good size for collecting small items from a desk or dresser, while the largest 9-inch bowl is large enough to collect toys or serve as a waste basket.

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