What Are Some Common Palm Tree Diseases?

What Are Some Common Palm Tree Diseases?

Sudden crown drop, fusarium wilt, diamond scale and pink rot are some of the common palm tree diseases. Palm trees are susceptible to fungal infections.

Sudden crown drop is a mysterious disease that makes the crown fall from the palm tree. The crown is heavy and can hurt someone who is around the tree when it falls. The fungal disease rots the trunk from the inside does but not present any symptoms on the outside. By pounding the trunk, an individual can listen for signs of internal decay at the upper area.

Fusarium wilt affects the leaves. Only one side of the leaves may be affected. The leafstalks can discolor, and brown to black streaking may occur. The disease stresses the palm tree and can kill it quickly. It also exposes the palm tree to secondary infections, such as pink rot. The fungus enters the tree through wounds.

When diamond scale is present, tiny dark spots that look like water are the first to emerge. They then grow to shiny, fruiting, black, diamond-shaped bodies on the upper and lower parts of the leafstalks and leaves. As the disease progresses, the leaves turn yellow and then brown.

Pink rot is a secondary disease despite the fact that it can attack any part of the tree. The disease causes rot, leaf spots and deformed or stunted growth. One of the main symptoms is pink spore masses.