What Are the Common Options for Rain Gutter Colors?


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Common options for rain gutter colors vary depending on the material used for the trough. For instance, copper and stainless steel can be installed without any color finish, while vinyl gutters typically come in white and brown, notes HomeTips.com.

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Rain gutters are shallow troughs fastened to the bottom edge of a roof to collect and direct rain runoff away from the house or building into a proper drainage system. These conduits provide protection to the structure, including sidings, windows and doors, against water damage. Commercial rain gutters are available in various types, shapes, colors, sizes and styles. These home additions not only serve a valuable function but can also be used as a design feature that enhances the overall appearance of the property.

Vinyl rain gutters generally do not corrode, rot or need a finish. Homeowners have few choices for this type of gutter, which is commonly available in white and brown colors. Rain gutters that come in darker shades will likely deteriorate in color from constant solar exposure, states HomeTips.com.

Aluminum rain gutters, which are the most in-demand type of rain gutter, come in a broad range of colors, notes BobVila.com. Other types of rain gutters, such as copper and stainless steel troughs, are not designed to be colored. These gutters come with a natural patina that turns into an attractive verdigris color over time. Wood gutters, meanwhile, can be painted with any color based on homeowner's preference. However, this type of rain gutter usually requires constant maintenance.

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