What Are Some Common Names of Trees?


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Common names of trees include oak, ash, maple, birch and pine. Among the oaks, there are red oaks, with leaves having pointed lobes, and white oaks, which have leaves with rounded leaf lobes. White oaks include the chinkapin oak, swamp chestnut oak and live oak. Red oak varieties are pin oak, cherry bark oak and willow oak.

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Maple trees used for syrup production include the sugar maple, black maple and the red maple. The silver maple is common in landscapes, but its soft wood makes it easily susceptible to wind and ice damage.

There are several types of ash trees, notably the white ash and the green ash. The white ash tree grows the tallest, with its wood finding use extensively in sporting equipment, such as baseball bats and hockey sticks. The green ash is native to the eastern part of the United States and is often present along streets and in landscapes. Varieties include Patmore and Bergeson, a hybrid without the nuisance of autumn seeds.

Common birch trees are the paper birch, also called the canoe birch, which grows best in cold climates, and the river birch, with its multicolored peeling bark. Pine trees are coniferous evergreens that grow in most parts of North America. The smallest pine is the Siberian dwarf pine, and the tallest is the sugar pine. Other common varieties are red pine, jack pine and pitch pine.

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