What Are Some Common Mushrooms That You Might Find in Your Yard?


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Some common yard mushrooms are puffballs and meadow mushrooms. Puffball mushrooms are unusual in that they have no gills and are spherical. Many of them are edible, and they are best eaten when they are young and pure white. Close, clear identification is required to differentiate them from poisonous species.

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As it ages, the mushroom degrades, ruptures and releases its spores to the wind. People often attempt to grow puffball mushrooms from the ones they collect in their yards.

Meadow mushrooms and their relatives, horse mushrooms, appear after a rain in grassy areas. Both are edible, though they should not be eaten if they have been found in a place treated with herbicides or pesticides. They are very much like the button mushrooms bought at the supermarket, but they can be much larger.

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