What Are Common Mold Removal Techniques?


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Common mold removal techniques include removing mold-infested construction materials, cleaning nonporous materials and surfaces with a water and detergent solution, and reducing humidity levels to decrease the risk of further infestations. Seek professional assistance when dealing with infestations that cover more than 10 square feet. Prompt action to remove mold may reduce the extent of an infestation.

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The first step in the mold remediation and removal process is to identify and address the source of moisture causing the infestation. Assess the extent of the contamination, and inspect all nearby surfaces as well as any affected ventilation ducts. Isolate and mist the contaminated areas to suppress any dust that may complicate removal efforts. Remove all wet and mold-infested porous materials before sealing them in a plastic bag.

Use a damp rag to apply a detergent and water solution to the exterior of the bag before disposing of it. Use a wire brush on all nonporous moldy surfaces before wiping the area with a disposable rag or wipe. Scrub the surface with a damp cloth and detergent solution to ensure the removal of all mold before rinsing the surface in clean water. Use a fan or dehumidifier to ensure all cleaned surfaces are thoroughly dry and free of moisture.

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