What Are Common Microwave Problems?

Common microwave problems include an inoperative oven, sparking in the oven and a faulty light bulb or turntable. They often arise from inadequate care and safety procedures and may cause the appliance to restart, fail to heat or become completely inoperative.

A microwave suddenly stops working as a result of a faulty switch or fan motor. Faults in the internal fuse or switch cause the microwave to restart or run briefly and then stop. A fuse that keeps blowing indicates a faulty diode or capacitor, which also makes the microwave run without producing heat.

Occasionally, the microwave's turntable may fail to turn during operation, causing uneven heating of food. This indicates the presence of dirt under the table, defects in the main control board or a worn out motor. Cooking may be slow or uneven because of a broken stirrer belt or a melted stirrer blade.

When the light bulb stops working, there is a likelihood of a wiring defect or a damaged switch. Faulty buttons occur as a result of a damaged touchpad or control panel, while a faulty display is due to failure of the power board. A loud noise in the oven results from a defective magnetron, power diode or capacitor.